Nuline Canberra                      

Holding Hands Together  - Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Alison Johnstone

Cooler Than Cool - Niels Poulsen (Denmark)

Tell The World

Rock'n'Roll Bride

Baby Tonight    - Tribute night in memory of Robbie McGowan-Hickie

Go Mama Go

Ride Away

The Greatest Love of All  - Gary O'Reilly (IRL), Jose  Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Niels Poulsen (Denmark)

Wintergreen - Maggie Gallagher

Stomp Down - Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Sebastiaan Holtland, (Netherlands)

Good Feelings - Fred Whitehouse (Ireland)

Keep Young - Maggie Gallagher

Saying Goodbye - Josh Talbot (Sydney)

Living On Love AB - Lindsay Ryan

Kacey's Moon - Mathew Sinyard (UK)

Jetty Road   - Lee Hamilton and Karl-Harry Winson

Crystal Touch - Claire Bell (UK) and Maddison Glover (Aus)

One 2 Go - Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie

May I Have This Dance - Chris Watson

Memories - Wil Bos (NL) & Colin Ghys (Bel)

From July 2020

Great Unknown  - Maggie Gallagher (Ire)

Faith, Hope and Love - Fred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

A Man Is In Love - Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly 

Love Songs - Lu Olsen - Melbourne

Southern Dreams - Maddison Glover - Illawarra Bootscooters