Nuline Canberra                      

Jessie Simon Ward and Rachael McInanney

Who Needs Mexico Mason James

Everything To Me Alison and Peter, Dance Factory

We'll Be Dancing Maggie Gallagher

My Angel and Me Karl-Harry Winson

Hold A Candle Robbie McGowen Hickie

Shotgun Travis Taylor

Love is Loud Robbie McGowen Hickie

Holiday Time Niels Polsen

Just A Phase Maddison Glover

Oh Me Oh My Oh Rob Fowler

Starlight Kate Sala and Robbie McGowen Hickie

Leave The Light On Barry Andracchio

Keep it Simple Maggie Gallagher

Nothing But You Darren Bailey

Good Vibes Fred Whitehouse

Honky Tonk Mood Maddison Glover and Rob Fowler

Yes Ma'm No Ma'm Ria Vos

Ring Ring Maria Maag

I want To Break Free Julie Hearne and Lou Olsen

Shaky Gary Laffery

Lonely Lovers Maddison Glover

Simply the Best Maddison Glover and Rachael McEnaney

Music to My Eyes by Simon Ward and Dereke Steele

Absolutely Neils Polsen

Mad Crazy Love Gary O'Reilly

Masquerade Jennifer Hughes

Don't Worry Baby Maria Smith

Reason We're Living Jamie Barnfield

GCM Josh Talbot

Should Be Said John Bishop

Silver Wings Josh Talbot

One Less Day Tom Glover

Get Wild Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski

Something to Love Maggie Gallagher

Never Growing Up Simon Ward, Maddison Glover and Vivienne Scott

Same Heart Julie Hearne

California Blue (partner dance) Dan-Kelly Albro

Everything I Have Gary O'Reilly and Maggie Gallagher

A Love Worth Waiting For Nathan Gardner

Remember You Young Amund Storsveen and  Jo Thompson Szymanski

Walk Me Home Barry Andracchio and Bev Booth

Bonaparte's Retreat Maddison Glover

Choke Around Linda Burgess

Shot Of Tequila Fred Whitehouse