Nuline Canberra                      


It's a Nuline - Its a new day!


Nuline is a new form of dance that is sweeping the globe and has quick stepped its way into Canberra.

Nuline dance is a good, low impact and cardiovascular workout. It involves teaching dance routines to all genres of music: Latin, Pop, Waltz, Rumba, Jazz, Celtic and Country. Anyone of any age and skill level can join the class and have a ton of fun - no partner or experience is required!

Local dance instructor and choreographer Barry Andracchio has embraced this Nuline concept. Dancers at Barry's Classes at the Austrian Club in Mawson are learning Nuline to the sounds of well known and popular artists.

Barry teaches the routines choreographed by well known Australian and International choreographers as well as those dances he has choreographed himself.

Nuline is social and fun. It is a thorough but gentle way to exercise your mind and body without even realising it.

People who enjoy Nuline know that fitness doesn't have to be about repetition and pain.

With Nuline it feels like a party and the best thing about it is that it's so addictive!

It is indeed a healthy and most rewarding way to spend your leisure time.

So come along anytime and learn various dance styles while enjoying a low impact, mental and physical exercise in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

"Get in line and join this exciting global dance craze!!"